Ways of Borrowing

The difficulty in life is the choice. Nelson Mandela

There are literally dozens of different ways to borrow. Mortgages, credit cards and bank loans are perhaps the most familiar, though even with these the number of variations can be surprising, and they are certainly not the only choices. The following webpages outline the main types of borrowing, suggesting when they are suitable, and tell you which types to avoid altogether.

Borrowing can be grouped into three broad categories: loans to help you buy a home, other ways of borrowing against property, and other types of loans and credit.

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Borrowing Complaints

If you have a complaint about, say, the way your loan is being handled, charges you're being asked to pay, and so on, first take your complaint to the lender who issued the loan - insist on seeing the manager if other staff can't help. If you're not happy with their response and they are part of a larger organisation, take your complaint to the head office - the address will usually be on any letter you've had or can be provided by your branch. If you don't know whom to contact there, you could phone up and ask, or you could address your letter to the Complaints Manager. Also, libraries keep company... see: Borrowing Complaints

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