Cinema, Theatre Many cinemas and theatres offer cheaper tickets to people over sixty.

And afternoon shows are often cheaper, especially during the week. Magazines, Records, CDs, Tapes, Videos broadband etc.

If you've been in the habit of buying these, remember that your local library now probably lets you borrow them all (except DVDs) for nothing. You could try lovefilms so you can stream new films through your TV.

More on outdoor sports recreation:

Online Clubs and Hobbies A new hobby can be one of the pleasures of retirement and it can lead to new friends.

Pub Still the centre of many people's social life, but you may be surprised at how much it costs you if you work it out.

Pools or Other Gambling Some people cannot resist the chance of getting something for nothing, even when they know it will probably cost them money in the long run.

If you enjoy gambling, look on it as a hobby and work out the real cost.

Evening Classes - Adult education classes are held as often in the day as the evening nowadays.

Many people find retirement a wonderful chance to catch up on the interests or study they missed during a busy working life. These classes are usually inexpensive.

Sports - Keeping fit is more important as we get older. Most sports centres offer reduced membership and entry to people over sixty.

Modern swimming baths are kept very warm and you can get a cheap half-day of exercise in a warm environment.

Alternatively, free exercise classes are often provided by local Age Concern groups.

Gardening - probably the most popular hobby in retirement. You will be tempted to spend more once you stop work.

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