Stop Retirement Being A Time Of Hardship

Most people get money through work. Some crime, but most are salary slaves like me.

  • When you retire and stop work, you are suddenly cut off from this source of funds.

  • Instead, you will normally have at least a pension or some other social security benefit, perhaps some pension from your job, and possibly some income from investments.

    Even if you have never managed to save much, retirement age is the time when many people find they have redundancy payments or a lump sum from an insurance or pension policy.

    How will you manage? What pension will you get? Will you be able to do some work? Will you have to pay tax? Where should your money be invested?

    How can you provide for your family? Where can you go for help? Should you make a will? Will your heirs have to pay tax when you die? These questions trouble most people when they think of retirement.

    However, as in the case of most financial questions, with a little information and some planning you can work out the answers.

    This website will take some of the mystery out of these questions and provide answers to many of them. But please remember this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional financial advice.

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    Retirement And Budgeting

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