It is useful to do a 'before' and 'after' calculation for your income as well as your expenditure.

The income list always looks a lot shorter than the expenditure list. But there may well be new opportunities to earn or make extra money.

Wages or Salary Remember to use the net figure. You may find you keep much more of modest earnings after retirement than higher earnings before.

Part-time Work Make sure that you do not lose your pension or social security benefits and that you pay no National Insurance .

Investments If you have money to invest, make sure that some of it is invested where tax is not it deducted at source and some where you can get at it quickly .

Pension from Your Job(s) Try to find out how your pension from your job will change, if at all, over the years.

And make sure that you chase up all the pensions you may have earned during your working life.

State Pension(s) You will lose some or all of your state pension if you earn more than £79 a week .

Other Social Security Benefits Many social security benefits come with restrictions on earning or travelling abroad.

Any Other Income There are many opportunities to turn your time and talents to income once you are retired. Gifts from Relatives You may have relatives who are in a position regularly to assist you financially once you retire.

Your Home You may consider a home income plan or even letting a room.

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