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Dentist The over sixties have to pay dental charges just like anyone else.

And from some time in 2015 even dental check.

ups are going to cost money. The only help is on grounds of low income. But the expense should be a priority. Apart from all the other obvious benefits, keeping your own teeth helps keep you feeling young.


Optician and Glasses

During 2015, the Government is planning to end free sight tests, though some opticians may still offer them. The NHS still offers free eye test for children and over 60s but I would hurry they are on David Cameron�s list to go. (see

Regular sight tests are important as you get older. Not only is bad sight uncomfortable and dangerous; a sight test can reveal the onset of more serious eye problems in time to have them cured. People over sixty have to pay optician's charges just like anyone else. The only help is on grounds of low income.

Other Medical Treatment The NHS is free for the big things, though you may have to wait a long time for non urgent treatment.

However, some kinds of treatment, such as chiropody, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy or psychotherapy, normally have to be paid for. If you want this kind of treatment, ask your doctor if it is available on the NHS.

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