Life Assurance Your life assurance will probably end when you reach pension age, as will contributions to your pension scheme.

Remember that if you go on working up to pension age (sixty for a woman, sixty-five for a man), you should pay no National Insurance contributions on any payday after you reach that age.

Regular Investments and Savings When you retire you should reappraise your whole approach to saving, investment and finance.

Bank Charges Special concessions by banks for people over sixty generally have ended. All the main banks now offer free banking to everyone who keeps in credit.

It's worth studying the rules to make sure that you keep inside the free banking limit. Some banks offer a special package for people over fifty-five, including free financial advice and reductions on the cost of services.

Interest on Loans and Credit Charges Do try to avoid taking on any new commitments.

And avoid like the plague any loans to clear debts which use your home as collateral.

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