The Insurance Ombudsman

The insurance ombudsman deals with complaints against insurance companies.

More than seventy companies participate in the service, including most of the big names.

The insurance ombudsman can consider a complaint about the size of a settlement, about a delay in dealing with your claim, about a refusal of a claim, and about any unfair or bad treatment.

You can go through the ombudsman even in cases where you could go to court. However, you must wait to take court action until the insurance ombudsman has determined your case.

The insurance ombudsman will consider a case only after you have tried and failed to reach an agreement on your complaint with the company concerned.

Normally your first complaint should be to the branch and then to the head office. You must contact the insurance ombudsman within six months of the company finally refusing to settle your complaint.

If the insurance ombudsman finds in your favour and you accept the decision, the insurance company will abide by the decision to pay you the amount recommended up to £100,000, or up to £10,000 a year in health insurance cases. If you accept the offer, you give up the right to go to court. If you reject the offer, you are free to go to court or pursue the matter some other way.

The insurance ombudsman is on 0800 023 4567

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It's important that you complain first to the business you're unhappy with � and give them a chance to look into your problem. They have eight weeks to do this. We can help by contacting the business for you, and telling them about your complaint.

Phone our consumer helpline on: 0300 123 9 123 or 0800 023 4567 or email

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