The Building Societies Ombudsman

This is now called the Building Societies Associations and can be reached at

It represents nearly 50 of the UK's building societies.

The building societies ombudsman investigates complaints about building societies.

It is the newest of the services and there is less information about its activities. Almost all building societies are members.

The only exceptions are a very few very small local ones.

The complaint must be about maladministration or unfair treatment or that the society has breached its legal or contractual obligations. And it must have caused you financial loss or inconvenience.

The building societies ombudsman cannot investigate a decision on a person's creditworthiness but he can investigate maladministration in dealing with an assessment of creditworthiness. You cannot pursue a case through the ombudsman if it has been to court or is currently going through a court.

Before complaining to the ombudsman you should try to resolve the matter with the society and you must bring your complaint within a reasonable time to the ombudsman.

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Building Societies Ombudsman Finds In Your Favour

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