The Banking Ombudsman

The banking ombudsman began work on 1 January 1996. All of the well known high street banks are members of the scheme and about 98% of all bank customers are covered by it.

The banking ombudsman deals with complaints about all aspects of the normal business conducted by bank branches including bank accounts, cash machines and loans. But he cannot deal with complaints about the commercial judgement of the bank.

So he cannot investigate whether the bank was right to refuse you an overdraft. He cannot investigate the way the bank has used its discretion under a will or trust. And he cannot investigate a matter that has gone to court. The matter must be for an amount of less than £80,000.

You must have tried to resolve the matter with the bank branch and the head office and you must complain to the ombudsman within six months of your last contact with the bank's head office.

If the banking ombudsman finds in your favour, the bank will accept the decision and pay the sum recommended up to £80,000. If you accept the decision, you cannot then go to court.

But if you reject it, you can pursue the matter through the courts if you wish.

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