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If you start looking for investment opportunities, you are bound to come across someone offering you, or appearing to offer you, a guaranteed and fantastically high return on your investment.

Don't take it! At worst they are crooks who will take your money and run. At best, their advertisement is carefully worded to mislead you into believing that you can make an overnight fortune. If there were an easy way to make money, they would be doing it themselves, not bothering with advertisements to offer it to you.

However, some investments do offer the prospect of spectacular gains and are not crooked - just high-risk.

In many cases you would be as wise to put the money on a horse you fancy.

Such investments are typically not in real commodities, like shares or coffee beans, but in the price of commodities in the future; they are called 'futures' or 'options'. They are for professional investors.

It is difficult to know where to go for financial advice. But a new law should mean that you can be sure the advice you get is in your best interests.

Here we explain your rights and how to complain when things go wrong.

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