The rules and regulations which now control investment business are supposed to be in the interests of the consumer. You should deal only with people who are members of the FSA ( or one of the other self-regulating organizations. If you have a complaint, take it up first with the company.

If that gets you nowhere, or the company has gone bust, complain to the regulating organization to which the company belonged.

In addition to these safeguards, there are now a growing number of private ombudsmen.

These private ombudsmen are different from the public ones. First, they are specific to one kind of financial service and are ultimately paid for by the companies which they investigate. Their investigations are therefore limited to the companies who join and support the scheme, who are in any case generally the more responsible ones.

Second, the companies generally agree to abide by the decisions of their ombudsman subject to a limit on their financial liability. Third, , they investigate a broader range of complaints that go beyond maladministration. They can actually investigate the decisions made by the companies and not just the way they have carried out their policies.

So far there are three of these ombudsman services, though more will probably appear in 2015/12 see

In all cases they seem to be genuinely independent even though, ultimately, they are paid for by the companies they watch over.

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