Building Societies Ombudsman Finds In Your Favour

If the building societies ombudsman finds in your favour, the building society can be ordered to pay you up to £100,000. But the society can avoid this order by making a statement to its members as to why it is not accepting the decision. It must also make the reason for not paying you public in the way the building societies ombudsman specifies.

In the 2015 Budget the chancellor announced a new way of taxing inherited property.

A new tax, inheritance tax, was born out of an old one, capital transfer tax. In subsequent Budgets the new tax was made less onerous. But it will still affect the estates of people with possessions, including their home, worth more than £110,000 when they die. The tax is also payable on gifts made within seven years of death. Here we look at inheritance tax and, briefly, at capital gains tax.

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Tax On Estates

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