Private Medical Insurance Continued

Points to note

- You won't be covered for all medical treatment. One very important exclusion is any health problem which you already knew about before buying a policy or indeed problems that you had in the past.

- Other things not covered include, for instance, pregnancy care or labour (although problems arising from pregnancy or labour may be covered). Infertility and associated treatment are also excluded from many policies, as are abortion and vasectomy, unles>- While you won't be covered for an incurable illness, you may be covered for relief of an acute phase of the illness.

- Private treatment doesn't necessarily mean treatment in a private hospital. You can get private treatment in an NHS hospital and benefit from NHS facilities and back-up services. You'll get a private room but this may not always mean a single one - you >- Policies all have different limits and restrictions. These could relate to the amount of out-patient treatment or home nursing you're covered for, or you may find that the surgeon charges more for an operation than the policy will pay.

How much to insure for

Be careful about getting too little cover: some policies have an overall limit on the amount each person can claim in one year, while others have limits on one particular aspect of care, such as surgeons' fees. Others have no limits on any type of cover.

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Private Medical Insurance

What it covers

This type of insurance pays your bills when you are treated by a medical specialist to whom you've been referred by your GP or dentist (but you don't need to be referred if you end up in hospital in an emergency). It includes hospital accommodation, nursing charges, surgeons' and anaesthetists' fees, X-rays, drugs, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, home nursing you may be recommended to have and any out-patient or day care you may need.

Types of policy

Basically, there are two types of policy. One gives you the option of having medical consultations and any... see: Private Medical Insurance

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