Holiday Insurance

What it covers

You and your belongings while you are on holiday and travelling there and back. Typical cover includes medical expenses, cancellation or cutting short your holiday due to illness, jury service, redundancy or some types of domestic crisis (for example, if your house is badly damaged by fire or burgled), loss or damage to your belongings, loss of money or travellers cheques, a limited amount to spend if your baggage is delayed or you are delayed, personal liability for injury you cause to someone else or damage you cause to their property.

Types of policy

An 'inclusive' policy will cover all the items above. You might be able to get a 'selective' policy where you choose which items of cover you want but these tend to work out expensive.

If you're intending to engage in dangerous sports such as skiing or parascending, you'll need special insurance to cover the extra risks.

What influences cost?

Where you are going and how much cover you choose.

How much to insure for

You should always check the limits under each section of a policy to make sure they are adequate. For example, if you're going to the USA, sufficient cover for medical expenses is essential - £4,000,000 isn't too much. Remember that some items may be covered by your house contents insurance ).

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Private Medical Insurance Continued

Points to note

- You won't be covered for all medical treatment. One very important exclusion is any health problem which you already knew about before buying a policy or indeed problems that you had in the past.

- Other things not covered include, for instance, pregnancy care or labour (although problems arising from pregnancy or labour may be covered). Infertility and associated treatment are also excluded from many policies, as are abortion and vasectomy, unles>- While you won't be covered for an incurable illness, you may be covered for relief of an acute phase of the illness.Private Medical Insurance Continued

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