Insurance Brokers Continued

From 1989, other intermediaries, if they sell the insurance of companies which belong to the Association of British Insurers (A BI ), must display a certificate saying that they'll abide by a new code of conduct which the ABI has drawn up, and they must have PI insurance to the same level as registered brokers, though there's no grants scheme or compensation fund. The insurance company (or companies) will be responsible for the action of intermediaries who act as their agents, but not those of independent intermediaries. And intermediaries who sell the policies of non-ABI companies won't have to abide by the code.

You can find a broker or other insurance intermediary by looking in Yellow Pages. And you can get a list of brokers in your area by contacting:

British Insurance and Investment Brokers Association B I IB A House, 14 Bevis Marks, London EC3A 7NT Tel: 020-7623 9043

TIP - A broker or other intermediary can be particularly useful if you have unusual or difficult insurance needs - for example, if you want life cover but your health is poor, or house insurance for a thatched home.

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Finding Insurance

Having decided that you need a particular type of insurance, it's a good idea to do a bit of homework to find out what broad sorts of policies are available - the sections on each type of insurance in this Section will help you do this. Decide what sort of policy would best suit your needs. The next step is to get in touch with someone who offers it.

The direct route

If you know which company you want to go to - either from websites you've seen, say, or because you've dealt with the company before and are happy to use it again - you can contact the company direct and ask to be sent... see: Finding Insurance

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