Selling Complaints

If you think a printed advertisement is unfair, misleading or otherwise unacceptable, write detailing your complaint and where and when you saw the advertisement (enclosing a copy if possible) to:

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Brook House, 2-16 Torrington Place, London 'WC 1 E 7HN

Complaints about television or radio advertisements should be sent to:

Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) 70 Brompton Road, London SW3 1 EY

If the advertisement is breaking the law, the ASA or IBA will pass the complaint on to the relevant authority. If you're already aware that the law has been broken, or if your complaint concerns forms of advertising other than the printed or broadcast word, send your complaint to your local Trading Standards Department (look in the phone book under Trading Standards Department and this will direct you to the relevant local authority address and number). Complaints about investment advertising covered by the Financial Services Act should be sent to the relevant self-regulating body (see Section ).

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Classroom Commercials

Commercial sponsorship of educational material for schools is a growth industry. More and more teachers are using leaflets and worksheets which have been prepared by commercial organisations, including financial ones. General money management is a favourite topic, but in explaining the various ways of handling money, the difference between impartial information and partial advertising can 'be very slight.

Consumer groups have voiced concern about the possibility of such erstwhile advertising material being used in schools, and an EC consumer committee has suggested that the content of sponsored... see: Classroom Commercials

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