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Chemists and Medicines If you are under pension age, prescriptions are very expensive. You may find that chemists will recommend a paid. For alternative to some items that is cheaper.

Once you are pension age (sixty for a woman, sixty-five for a man), prescriptions are free (except for some things such as elastic stockings). Remember that chemists make a lot of their profit from vitamin supplements and nonessential 'health' items.

Just because a chemist sells something does not mean that it is necessarily good for you.

Cosmetics and Hairdresser If you are used to spending money on cosmetics or hairdressing, remember that looking and feeling good are even more important for your self confidence as you get older. Many hairdressers offer free or cheap hairdressing to the over sixties.

Vet Bills If your pet needs a lot of veterinary care, consider taking out an addition to your house contents insurance policy. It may work out cheaper.

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