Transport And Free Bus Passes

Car Tax The burden of the cost of your car will depend on whether you have been lucky enough in the past to have had it paid by your employer.

If retirement is your first experience of paying for your motoring costs yourself, you are in for a shock. Car tax can be over £400 a year.

Car Insurance Shop around for insurance. You should consult an insurance broker. If you are in a motoring organization, they will probably act as a broker for you.

To apply for a free Bus Passes:

Your age can help between fifty-five and seventy-five. After that, it can be a hindrance.

Car Maintenance You could turn an expense into a hobby. Consult your local council about adult education classes in car maintenance. More women are now taking it up.

Annual MOT Any car three years old or more needs an annual certificate of roadworthiness.

Motoring Organization Membership The security of a breakdown service is very important as you get older, especially if you intend to travel more.

There are now alternatives to the AA and the RAC, but they do not offer the same range of financial and other services which you may find useful.

Petrol and Oil More than ever, it is worth shopping around. The well-known names are generally the dearest and petrol is just petrol. Petrol at motorway service stations is usually very expensive.

Bus Pass Most local councils offer some concessionary fares to people over sixty (men may have to wait until sixty-five). Many coach operators offer discounts.

Railcard Once you've retired you will probably want to travel more to see relatives and friends. A £19 railcard from British Rail, which lasts for a year, can save its cost on a single longer journey.

Bicycle Maintenance If you have more time now you're retired, pedalling there can save money and keep you fit. Keeping the bicycle well looked after will pay dividends.

Regular Fares Journeys to and from your nearest shopping centre may become more frequent.

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