Working Before Pension Age

If you retire from your job before the state pension age of sixty for a woman or sixty-five for a man, you may be able to claim unemployment benefit or, if you retired on grounds of ill health, sickness benefit or invalidity pension.

If your income is very low you may be able to claim income support which is paid at a higher level once you reach sixty, although the amount is still low. Each of these benefits carries strict rules about working.

Unemployment Benefit If you claim unemployment benefit, you must be available for work.

Every time you sign on at the unemployment benefit office you declare that you are not working.

Accepting any job will normally end your right to benefit. (

However, you can work provided that you do not earn more than £8 a day and you are still available for work.

If you do not earn a specific amount per day, the DWP will normally average the amount you get over the days you work. In some cases where you are working for a charity offering a service to the community, you do not have to be available immediately, but usually within twenty-four hours.

Unemployment benefit is paid for each day of unemployment from Monday to Saturday. So working on one day will end that day's benefit. Days are assessed from midnight to midnight so evening work counts and night work may affect two days' benefit.

However, paid work on a Sunday does not count at all.

Part-time work may only affect your benefit on the days you work. However, if part-time work used to be your normal working pattern, you will not be allowed to claim benefit on the other days. And if the part-time work reduces your chance of getting a full-time job, you will not get benefit for the other days.

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