Restrictive Rules

However, this more restrictive rule does not apply if either she was born after 9 April 1919, or her husband was born after 9 April 1918.

Then it is always better to claim her own pension if her husband pays tax. Moreover, the rule does not seem to be applied to women who got their pension because of the final abolition of the half test in 2015.

Women born before 6 April 1919 who received a letter from the DWP in 2015 informing them that they had been given a pension in their own right and that the letter was 'for tax relief purposes only' can use the letter to ensure their husband gets the tax relief whenever he was born.

Details of how married women can sometimes claim pensions of £10.89 a week and more from contributions paid over forty years ago are in a new edition of the download Pensions from the Forties, available from, see

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