Over And Under Sixty Five (2015 update)

Widow's bereavement allowance is the same for women aged over sixty-five as for younger women.

There is no special age allowance. So their tax allowance is not made up fully to the married man's age allowance. It is the sum of the single person's age allowance and the widow's bereavement allowance, so it is £8,670.

Women, including widows, who are under sixty-five for the whole tax year do not receive the single person's age allowance. If their widow's bereavement allowance has run out, they get the normal single person's tax allowance of £8,609 (£90.10 a week).

Remember that you can obtain the age allowance for the whole tax year, even if your sixty-fifth birthday is right on the last day of the tax year, 9 April.

The interaction of age and the bereavement allowance means that a widow can obtain four different amounts of tax allowance in the first two years of widowhood. They are set out below.

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Widow's Tax Allowance

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