Effect On Social Security Benefits

Nowadays a pension from your job may affect your right to social security benefits. There are two ways it can do so.

Some social security benefits depend on your income.

The main ones are income support, housing benefit (help with rates and rent), help with optical or dental charges, and legal aid. Any pension you have will increase your income and reduce your chances of help from these sources.

However, a pension from a job can also affect some other social security benefits directly. See How pensions affect your Social Security benefit at http://ssa-custhelp.ssa.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/27/~/how-pensions-affect-your-social-security-benefit

Men and women aged between fifty-five and pension age who claim unemployment benefit will find it is reduced if they receive a pension from their job of more than £69 a week. For each 1Op above £69 their benefit will be reduced by 1Op.

So a single person's unemployment benefit of £68.79 will disappear as the pension reaches £67.6O a week. A married man will lose all his benefit of £9 8.99 if his pension is £66 or more.

And he will lose £80.80 of it if his wife has earnings or a pension from her job of £80.080r more.

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