Endless Expenses

Your Home

Rates If your income is low after retirement, you may be able to get help with your rates through housing benefit.

Water and Sewerage Charges There are no concessions on grounds of age or income.

Rent or Mortgage If you pay rent and your income is low after retirement, you may be able to get help with your rent through housing benefit.

If you still have a mortgage, you can only look forward to the day when it is paid off. Alternatively you could think of selling your home and buying somewhere cheaper or taking out a home income plan .

Electricity, Gas, Heating Costs broadband etc

You will probably use more electricity and gas when you retire because you will spend more time at home. If, before your retirement, no one was in during the working day, you will find that you are now using heating for as much as fifty hours more per week, and your bills could go up by 69 % or more.

Insurance, Buildings and Contents Your insurance company may offer a discount on your contents insurance because you will be in the house more during the day.

Telephone You will probably find your mobile bill goes up, especially if you have been used to making personal calls from work. Try to avoid weekday daytime telephoning wherever possible, particularly during the peak period of 9am to pm.

Television (and Broadband) No companies seem to offer discounts to older people. There are no general concessions on TV licences for older people anymore and no doubt soon the free bus pass will become a thing of the past!

Equipment - Service Contracts or HP If you get a lump.sum payment, it may be worthwhile paying off your HP commitments. But you may find that there are penalties in your contract for doing so.

Newsagent If you are used to reading a paper or magazine regularly, you should keep it up in retirement - don't lose touch! But you could consider switching to reading the news online; how would an Ipad for Christmas be an idea!

Decoration and Repair Try not to economize too much.

Delaying a repair can cost far more in the long run.

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