The Internet Has Become Rather Taxing

There are many websites on income tax but few of them are aimed at older people. Look at them carefully before buying. The Inland Revenue publish some useful downloads, including Income Tax and Pensioners (number IR8), Income Tax Age Allowance (number IR8A) and Income Tax and Widows (number IR86).

There are many others covering such things as separation, divorce, death, appealing, foreign pensions, and so on.

You can obtain them from your local tax office: look this up in the phone website under `Inland Revenue'.

A quick glance in a newsagent will show you the extraordinary range of investment magazines that now exist. And there are websites as well on every kind of investment. Many of them are not good value for money. Check them carefully before purchase.

The British Insurance Brokers' Association ( will put you in touch with a local insurance broker and offers an arbitration service if you have a complaint. They also produce some downloads.

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