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There are many useful addresses and sources of help scattered throughout the text.

This appendix lists some other useful sources of advice and information.

For many problems the first place to go is your local Citizens Advice Bureau. There are over 1,000 CAB offices throughout the UK so most people are within easy reach of one.

Citizens Advice

Myddelton House,

115-123 Pentonville Road,

London, N1 9LZ

020 7833 2181 (admin only no advice available on this number)

Fax 020 7833 4371 (admin only)

If they cannot help you with the problem themselves, they will know who can help locally and where to go. Search Google for 'Citizens Advice Bureau' or visit your local library or post office should have their address as well.

Many of them operate restricted opening hours, so it is a good idea to phone first before travelling any distance to visit them.

Age Concern has local offices throughout Britain. Some will be able to give advice, especially on local services. You will normally find the local group from Google.

Help the Aged -

If you want general information about social security, you can telephone Freeline Social Security. This information service is run by the DWP but is completely independent of the local offices.

They can advise you about social security rules and benefits and are generally very good. They cannot advise you about your own particular case.

Your local social security office should carry a full range of downloads about social security benefits, including the very useful Which Benefit? - which lists all the other downloads they produce, and Social Security Benefit Rates (number NI.200) which lists all the benefit rates. FB.8 is also available from post offices or go direct to Social Security Agency at

There are a number of local based Associations including the Surrey Retirement Association (

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